When you cease to dream you cease to live.

Are you still allowing others to write on your book. Come on guys, wake up. Live the way you want ,not what others want you to. We are authors of our own book of life use your own power.


Hey, what’s your dream?

This question is trending in our lives. Everyone wants to know what’s your dream. Wait what? But I don’t have a dream I am not sure yet what I want to be.I am confused between society and my dreams. I am just living my life like a robot. This isn’t you right. If yes, than stop yourself thereby, whatever you are doing. And think,Is this you?Who is fooling yourself.

Your book should have a topic on which you are writing your book. If you didn’t have a crystal clear dream yet ,than guys you aren’t living a life. you are just pushing yourself with the waves and one day the wave will sure leave you out in the middle of the sea and you will be helpless. No one, not even a single person will be there to save you or even hear your voice. And at that time you will think about your past . That past which you never wants to live again. That past where you could change everything at that moment but you haven’t.

I know everyone of us had gone through worst moments of our life and still standing like nothing happened. Why? Because future is yet to be written. Each and every person has some kind of dream. Everyday we dream of something that we want in our life. No one can stop you to follow what you need. To write what you want. Your book of life should have an end that says ” yes, I am happy with my life”. Each and every chapter of this book should have this line. That dream may be a person, thing or else you want to be something. Still you have a lot of time to change your few pages.

Dreams is not just a word. It’s the hidden pages of your book to be disclosed in your future. Living a dream and Living for a dream both meant to live a life.

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Thank you for reading. Hope this will help you at some moments of your life.

Note: New veiwers please read previous posts to know what I meant by “book of life”.

When you cease to dream you cease to live.


35 thoughts on “When you cease to dream you cease to live.

  1. You could not be more right! We all have to have dreams and ambitions to keep our fire fueled. As soon as we allow fear to consume us, we cease to live. There are so many people that live the same day over and over again for their entire life, and I refuse to be one of them!
    I’ve been hurt so many times in my life by people that should NEVER hurt you, as I’m sure some of the people here have too.
    Sure, I’ve had to change the title of my book a few times, and go back and we-write a few chapters. But, I’ll NEVER close the book, and I encourage you all to keep reading (learning from) and writing your story. ❤

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  2. Wow I’m really enjoying your posts keep inspiring. We can all relate at how we easily let other people dictate our lives.We have to believe in ourselves. Opinions are just that (opinions) they are not who we are.


  3. This is such an important lesson to learn. Your words definitely motivate me to keep searching for who I truly am and want to be. It’s funny how when you’re doing some soul searching you stumble upon blogs that correlate or movies that inspire and stuff. Anyways, love this post.


  4. I like the theme of taking responsibility for your own life and not giving your power up to others. Being the author of your Own Book of Life really appeals to me. Great post!


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