Who I am?

Hey,  everyone I am Meenu katara. I am here to share with you some of my life experience and will also show a path to happy  and calm life. Yes,  that’s  right an inspirational blog. I love to see smile on people face. I am a silent happiness which will sure knock your doors soon.

Believeing in happiness is the very first step towards a good life. Do remember when you believe, you gain more confidence and you will never fall in life. Life is playing same game with everyone of us. The thing which is different is” life”. A single word that  Where everyone of us has a unique” book of life”. Each and every book is different from within. And we the  author, write our own book and so we are the first creator of our sad moments, memories and emotions.

God is the creator of this universe. And we are the creators of our life.we can change our life we can do everything, bring happiness, sorrow when needed.  We fight, dance, sing who is there to control. ” we are here to control”. We forget at each and every moment that no one can define our life. We our-self define our life. Blank pages are to be filled by you only. Don’t stress out your life in thinking that, why the bad things happens to me only other than that open a new chapter.

Calm down and think if i define my life than, I shouldn’t affect my book because of them.I can either erase those people from my book. Because i have the right to edit the book but they don’t. Live the way you want or live the way they want you to. Choice is your’s.

Then why everyone is still sleeping and enjoying their real bad dreams and worst life’s.

To be Continued………

Will share the same inspirational thoughts with you,  stay tuned.

And yes stay awake.!!!!

The minute you think of giving up,  think of the reason why you held so long. 

The most simple thing we used to forget always, the reason for why we held so long. Every time we fall, we gain more power to stand up again until we get success. Everyone of us working so hard to reach to our goal. 

Our goal is a  reason and you have to work hard for it. Everyday we give our most of the time to our goal. What we want to be. Sometimes we are so tired of falling. That we give up. 

The moment where success is already yours. Just one step can change our life. That step can make our life. If you are tired of falling. Than just turn back and see your past. How much did you fought for it, the time you had given to your goal. So before saying the word, “I am done with this”. Think once what you will loose.

Everyone starts there day to do something more for their own happiness.  Everyone wants to be happy, right? Happy means a good and healthy life. Isn’t it? Ask yourself are you doing something for your life. Yes,  you do. We all are working for our goal, our dreams. 

One day i want to be that or this. I will start this.  I will do that. Dreams can not be true unless and untill you yourself make it real.  Make it happen guys. No one can stop you not even a single person on this earth can come between you and your dreams. Its hard but not impossible. When you decide to step back think again, there might be some other person on earth step up in life. So,  before taking a step up in life smile and show others what you are meant for. 

Thank you for reading. 

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 The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason why you held so long. 

Take a chance! All life is a chance. The person who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. – Dale Carnegie

We all know chances are rare in our lives. Life shares same opportunities with all of us. Sometimes we reject those opportunities or we accept it. We create our own future. Wheather it’s good or bad but it is the truth that we ourself select the good or bad books of our future.

Some of you have choosen the bad book because of some strong reason behind it. But the life is’nt over yet don’t forget this. you still have chance. Our mind shows different paths we have to choose the right one. If we ever steped on a wrong way life give us a chance to step on right one. All our beliefs and thoughts really plays a major part.

What we think, affects our future too. Before making a strong decision at any part of your life. Think, what’s good for your happiness. Some people really help us a lot and some try to ruin us. Here, you have to take a look and decide the right person should be in your “book of life”.

Protecting your book is just like protecting your life from bad thoughts and peoples. Choices should be made by us in a good way. Every chances that life give us is so crucial. If we take the chances in a right way it will help you a lot in your future. People those who really care about self and their families. They know how to utilize the chances given by life. And will surely STEP UP IN LIFE.

Accepting your mistake is the first most amazing thing to do in life. Because than we really know what is good for you and what’s not. Obviously this will take you too far in life. Accepting it and moving on with no mistakes leds you to take a good way of your life.

Chances are rare take a step ahead smile and continue again. Our life is a chance. Write a good book of life and fill it with happy moments.

Thank you for reading.

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Take a chance! All life is a chance. The person who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare.

It is not failure itself that holds you back, It is the fear of failure that paralyzes you-


A very real fact. Humans have power to think and this power sometimes make you more weaker. And you all knew it very well but still we used to forget this thing.

You know. At every moment someone in their life got failure. Everyone experience this failure at some moments of their life. Failure come to those who are stepping ahead in life for their dreams. Guys, I know we all have gone throw this. But still some who don’t care about failure they step up in life and some who care about their failure still they couldn’t decide wheather to step up or step back. They already paused their life. It means they stopped writing.

Don’t ever let your mind control your life. Once it happened things will start to go on wrong way. Why? Because when we think more of something our mind give us 100 good points but 1000 bad points. And while remembering those bad moments of life again. We retreat ourselves again within sorrow. Everyone has worst moments that we don’t want to remember again in future. But our mind put it on higlights in our book when we used to remember it always.

Don’t ever think too much of it when you are in trouble or going through a failure . Those thinkings or thoughts will sometimes make you weak and than it took a lot to stand up again. It took a lot to rewrite a chapter again. We usually think more when we are in trouble or going through some worst moments of life. And this thinking will kill you more within you. After a lot of thoughts your mind will put you in state of paralyzes. That moment when you will stop yourself from taking efforts for your life.

Failure follow us like a shadow. It wouldn’t leave you unless and utill you reach to success. It’s like a race you have to run, run and run untill you reach the end point. We do fall ,sometimes our speed got slow but this things shouldn’t affect you. Because any how the racer should complete his race than only he/she be a winner or looser. Winning is not important . To complete the race is more important atleast it won’t let you on looser side.

Their are times when you will fall in life but you have to remember that you have to stand up again and atleast complete the race, because completing a race is far more better than a looser who didn’t even tried to stand. Failure does comes to us all. But don’t over think the failure, it will make you weak from inside. You will be so paralyzed to even start up again. Standing up is important or you will loose your hardwork and success.

Just like when you write your “book of life”. There are many problems you have to face up to the end , to continually write your book. When you stop writing your book is just like a dead moment. That’s why to complete your book, if you got failure stand up and continue again. This will surely led you to your success. Don’t overthink it will generate more fear in you.

Thank you so much for reading.

Stay tunned.

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When you cease to dream you cease to live.

Are you still allowing others to write on your book. Come on guys, wake up. Live the way you want ,not what others want you to. We are authors of our own book of life use your own power.


Hey, what’s your dream?

This question is trending in our lives. Everyone wants to know what’s your dream. Wait what? But I don’t have a dream I am not sure yet what I want to be.I am confused between society and my dreams. I am just living my life like a robot. This isn’t you right. If yes, than stop yourself thereby, whatever you are doing. And think,Is this you?Who is fooling yourself.

Your book should have a topic on which you are writing your book. If you didn’t have a crystal clear dream yet ,than guys you aren’t living a life. you are just pushing yourself with the waves and one day the wave will sure leave you out in the middle of the sea and you will be helpless. No one, not even a single person will be there to save you or even hear your voice. And at that time you will think about your past . That past which you never wants to live again. That past where you could change everything at that moment but you haven’t.

I know everyone of us had gone through worst moments of our life and still standing like nothing happened. Why? Because future is yet to be written. Each and every person has some kind of dream. Everyday we dream of something that we want in our life. No one can stop you to follow what you need. To write what you want. Your book of life should have an end that says ” yes, I am happy with my life”. Each and every chapter of this book should have this line. That dream may be a person, thing or else you want to be something. Still you have a lot of time to change your few pages.

Dreams is not just a word. It’s the hidden pages of your book to be disclosed in your future. Living a dream and Living for a dream both meant to live a life.

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Thank you for reading. Hope this will help you at some moments of your life.

Note: New veiwers please read previous posts to know what I meant by “book of life”.

When you cease to dream you cease to live.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”


In previous post I told you to wake up. Are you still sleeping? Oh no, guys. I thought my little introduction will wake you up. 😂 just kidding.

what it’s not funny?

Yes, I know it isn’t.

It’s just for a reminder that we the author Can write our book the way we want. Exactly, we can find happiness in little moments too.Just we need to change the way of thinking. This means change the way of writing. Your “book of life” is bit personal. I know.

But you know each and every person from a kid to an old man on the earth is here for a reason. And that reason is to “live”. To Live happily, grow happily and to enjoy every moment of this book. But in everyone’s life their may be someone who always trouble you or made you sad always, do tricks on you. Do you really think all the nonsense they do really affects you. No, it shouldn’t. Their is no other person to write your book of life. You yourself have to write it. No one in this world can make you feel inferior unless and until you yourself want to feel that.

And when you are feeling inferior. It means you yourself allowing him/her to write your personal ” book of life“.

Include people in your book. But don’t let them write your. Just fill the book more of happiness and good moments and less of sorrows. Enjoying little moments of happiness will make your whole day happy. That’s it with today’s quotas.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.